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Posted by Paul on June 1, 2011 at 9:31 AM comments (0)

Javita the Coffee Company

This probably the most exciting talked about and most anticipated lucrative home business opportunity of 2011. Javita Launches today at 11am (EST)

Coffee is among the most profitable and highly traded commodities of the world with an approximate annual turn over of $4 Billion Dollars in just the USA alone.

What makes this Coffee Company different?

The unique secret blend of great tasting coffee sets it apart from the others, However the most attractive thing about Javita is the lucrative business model. The pay plan has been set up in a way for distributors to begin earning a substantial income regardless of age or experience with a simple and easy to manage home business model, There is no need to build a website or employ staff, No shop required. By becoming an affiliate of Javita Coffee you will recieve a ready made and done for you website which is set up instantly.

New Independent Business Owners can be set up in just a matter of minutes with just a few clicks of a mouse. No need to look for web designers your own website will be suppplied for you at no cost! and hosting as it is all set up for you for Free.

To enter in to the compensation plan there are three different entry levels which is laid out in a unilevel structure with different levels of entry and different ways to earn as a Javita Coffee distributor.

Full details on the compensation plan and pricing can be found inside your distributors website.

If you are among those people who have been searching for a legit way to earn an income working from home then this may just be for you!

“I like this business model because it does not really requrie much effort or hard sales pitch, Getting Customers and sales could be as easy as inviting friends and family round for Coffee and giving away free samples!” ~ Paul Nulty: IBO Javita Coffee

Getting Started is easy just visit this link below and register your details, Confirm your email and start promoting your website, Invite others and you can begin to claim your own peice of this multi billion dollar industry.

Posted by Gerry Copenhaver on April 5, 2011 at 4:26 PM comments (1)

The Customer Advantage is offering a great way for NonProfits and other organizations to raise much needed funds without having to beg for donations or sell candy, candles, cookies or car washes to get it.  Even better, this is a sustained program that will supply those funds year after year with the amounts growing as time goes on.

The way it works is very simple.  The Charity signs up as a FREE member with The Customer Advantage.  They can sign up as a group or an individual can sign up as a representative for the group.  Once that is done an account with a replicated website will be set up.  At that point members/supporters will be free to do the exact same thing by using the Charity’s website. 

Free members receive discounts in the form of email offers each day.  These discounts are for 50% to 90% off of goods and/or services from both local and national merchants.  The majority of offers will be local in an effort to spur local economies which is one of TCA’s primary goals.  The supporter who signs up will receive the savings on whichever offers they choose and the charity will receive 5% of the purchase price.  Now, if the supporter decides to recruit additional people under himself/herself then they will also receive the same 5% residual on people they sign up AND the charity will receive 5% from them as well. 

This continues up to 5 levels deep.  As you can see, the charity can do very well and not have to ask for a dime while actually saving it’s supporters money.

For more information please see the video at:

To Sign Up go to : and to correspond with me I am at

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